Sentence Length
Oh, they smell really bad!
zhēn chòu !
zhen chou

There are all kinds of cool resources out there for learning Chinese. Here's a few of my favorite - let me know if you've got something!

  • Skritter - Skritter is the best way to learn to write characters.
  • ChinesePod - ChinesePod is a comprehensive learning site, with a huge library of podcasts. The data from this site is pulled from their tutorials.
  • Popup Chinese - Another cool podcast site.
  • Hacking Chinese - Blog with a lot of really solid foundational tips on how to study Chinese efficiently.

Chinese Dictator is a tool to help beginning learners recognize syllables and tones.

It was made by Steve Jackson, who you can e-mail with questions at, or Follow him on Twitter.

This project is open source - you can check it out on github.

The data is scraped from ChinesePod with permission.